Letter: New laws won’t stop criminals from obtaining guns

For transparency, I am an NRA life member, hunter, father and grandfather. In response to Mr. Tatum’s March 13th article, I feel he has missed the mark. The NRA is made up of like-minded people who are gun owners for various reasons. I follow legislation closely and feel they come to the table with an open mind and support proper legislation. It is good that youth are involved and want to affect change, but they are young and may not have enough information on gun control to make unemotional decisions. Government creates additional laws that limit 2nd amendment rights and promotes them under the guise of making our world safer.

Like any other legislation, gun laws contain a lot of “pork.” What the media reports as the crux of the proposed law is never the entire issue. Does Tatum recall how the NRA drafted “clean, reasonable” legislation for restricting Teflon bullet purchases? Behind closed doors, politicians added limitations on other unrelated ammunition. The NRA withdrew support because of the changes and media reports stated only how they wouldn’t support restrictions on Teflon bullets. Reinstating expired assault weapon legislation would gain NRA support, if the definition of assault weapon didn’t include semi-automatic hunting rifles and shotguns. People must dig deeper to determine why the NRA opposes legislation. At the heart of their opposition is an objection to the “pork” which erodes 2nd Amendment rights and the media doesn’t report that side.

Already, 20,000+ gun laws exist including laws governing background checks which the NRA supports. Checks would be effective if law enforcement did a better job updating criminals’ records. New laws won’t stop criminals from obtaining guns nor will it make law enforcement better at stopping them. Better enforcement of existing laws, holding people accountable for their actions, stiffening consequences for crimes, and discontinuing glorification of criminals through media coverage should all be promoted. Enforcers need to act on rather than ignore evidence and they must be accountable. The security officer who ran from the Parkland school and told others not to go in while those children were being shot should lose his job.

The nation’s moral conscience is slipping away, as religious beliefs are removed from society. People must value human life. When people can’t obey basic laws like “Thou shall not kill”, and feel no remorse for killing another human, what gun law could possibly stop this inhumane act?


— David Drevyanko

Honey Brook