Letter: Brace yourselves for KutzPatty Day on March 24

Dear Editor,

Some timely advice for new neighbors in our community.

Brace yourselves, Kutztown residents. KutzPatty Day is March 24, held the week after St. Patty’s Day when college students return from spring break.

What is KutzPatty Day? You might ask if you are new to the neighborhood. Let me give you a visual of what to expect. Hordes (mobs, literally hundreds) of drunk young people clogging our streets and alley ways, vandalizing our properties (check out YouTube from last year) including public urination and any other blatant disregard for public decency. Oh, and then there is the trash they leave behind.

I have seen over the years our police department trying to keep control and order, but they are out numbered and can only do so much.


Are you wondering yet who benefits from this “holiday?” I assure you the residents do not! Although the bars, pubs and liquor distributors in Kutztown do benefit, I have heard over the years that much of the alcohol is bought and brought elsewhere in preparation.

So, my advice to you, no matter where you live in Kutztown, batten down the hatches and make plans to be out of town that day! If you do have to stay in town, whatever you do, don’t take your children out walking on that day! Don’t do any shopping or eating in town, keep the police department phone number handy and remember to allow time the next day for the clean up of your property.

— Concerned Kutztown resident, Joanne Englehart