Letter: Government and leadership gone awry!

The “fact” that our government in America has gone awry at “all” levels is exposed for “all” to witness on a daily basis given resulting news reports “true or false.”

My hometown of Boyertown, Pennsylvania, is “no” exception given recent decisions and results.

The Borough of Boyertown embraced The Colebrookdale Railroad by yielding to the Berks County Commissioners who embraced the concept of “an amusement park” train ride from Boyertown to Pottstown. They sold the concept to the Borough of Boyertown based upon it bringing a huge influx of business into the community which hasn’t happened to date.

A walking and biking trail would have been a healthier choice for the right-of-way between Boyertown and Pottstown upon the Colebrookdale Line! Besides, those people would have spent more time in each community to indulge in its offerings.


At the same time, the Boyertown Area School District spent $60-plus million developing a learning environment at the senior high school while denying an open and free access road to the achievements boasted. Monroe Street should be opened to Montgomery Avenue instead of “wasting” taxpayer money to build questionable limited gating access at a “huge” taxpayer expense.

What is wrong with our present leadership in America? Citizens and residents are being cheated via the corrupt decisions being made by those in government today.

We need to demand honesty and integrity in government like never before by attending public meetings and posting a watchful eye upon the deceit and corruption taking place today before all hope is gone.

— Clayton M. Leister