As I See It: Why is desire to import immigrant on the rise?

Unlimited immigration... open borders... DACA. With America’s failing immigration system in the cross hairs of a political battle, the issue seems destined to die on fallow ground. The influx of “Dreamers” into this country is growing exponentially as chain migration, visas, lotteries, and both legal and illegal importation remains well above the historic average. It is a good thing to help outsiders, and as a Christian, I take my cues from the Holy Scripture, which states I am to be merciful to these people. However, is mercy a role of the government?

For decades, the United States has been the most beneficent and gracious provider and supporter of nations on the globe. After World War II, America helped restore many of our defeated nations that could have become conquests, yet our leaders chose otherwise. Still, the country needs to uphold allegiance to its own land and bear the responsibility of its own citizens. To the ire of some who would have it otherwise, that is exactly the plan of action on which our current President is focused.

While we are to be merciful to the outsider, let it be known that there are zero examples in the Old Testament scriptures for mass amnesty or open borders in Israel. The word instructed them that there was to be fair treatment toward resident foreigners, and these same people were required to adhere to religious, civil and legal standards; i.e., the aliens were to assimilate to the culture. Boundaries were also employed, and foreign presence among the Jews was a curse to them on occasion.

The adverse effect of mass immigration destabilizes the economic well-being of the most vulnerable—the native under class poor—and allows an advantage to the foreign worker over and above America’s own. The failure to require adequate education and literacy skills to immigrants puts the onus on the taxpayer in subsidizing them. Mass immigration distorts America’s labor market by drastically inhibiting its ability to regulate for the advancement and benefit of both labor and business owners. It’s an economic injustice. Even more troubling is both criminal and national security threats that exist as a result of overly liberal immigration policies, including sanctuary cities and states. What’s more is that it’s not the U.S. Government’s job to import foreigners, particularly at the expense of its own native born citizens or those who have been seeking refuge here through legal channels.


Why is this fervent desire to import immigrants on the rise? Is it the mere heart of man to want to give hope to the indigent? If so, then why do these same sanctimonious proponents often turn a dull ear to the injustice of abortion which negates the right-to-life to the yet unborn? Two cells contain the DNA to make life is a scientific fact that they, while promoting science when it comes to “global warming,” often deny.

The rise of social liberal politics has infiltrated much of the globe, but America still stands as a federated republic guided by the Constitution. The tenets are clear and it seems are being infringed upon more and more by those who wish to do away with it and bring progressivism to the forefront. Progressive idealism… life is better—just around the corner, they chant. Sounds like Marx’s socialist utopia is what they’re seeking.

This is the m.o. guiding this spirit of rebellion. Progressive idealism is nothing new. Even Plato spoke to its evils, where man assumes to become his own god. Progressivism is not the cultural norm as much as the media and the world would have us believe. It’s a force that needs reckoning; it marginalizes the very values this nation stands upon as well as God himself; it’s not something we should get used to.

There is a fire storm being hurled at our current President, who is a one-man army against the forces of progressivism, which are not what the country was founded upon. I wish these same proponents who care for the destitute immigrants had this same fervor for the right to life and freedom for babies in the womb. Then maybe I could take them seriously.