Celebrate Earth Day by recycling automotive waste

Celebrate Earth Day by recycling Automotive Waste and supporting a local Relay for Life team.

Chuck’s Auto Salvage in Douglassville would like to reach out to our local community as a public service in relation to our upcoming 9th Annual Earth Day Celebration on April 20.

The community is invited to bring their waste oil, antifreeze, automotive lead batteries, and tires (limit 4) to Chuck’s Auto Salvage at no charge on Earth Day between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. for proper disposal. (No gas please!) For every battery collected during this year’s event, we will donate $15 each to Berks Relay for Life program. Our goal is to collect at least 50 batteries and support the Relay for Life Program which is working to save lives by providing lifesaving cancer research, patient support programs and education nationwide.

A few of our employees’ children are excited to be helping again with the collection process. They will also be involved with an educational display they made to help inform those attending about how auto recycling and the community’s environmental stewardship is so import for not just our local area but also the world.


As the community strives to save money by doing more of their own service and repairs utilizing Green Recycled Part, it is important to dispose of all automotive solid and liquid waste properly. During the last 9 years of Earth Day Events, over 745 households brought in over 3,000 gallons of waste oil and anti-freeze, along with other fluids, tires and scrap metal to be recycled. As a result, none of these pollutants ended up in the ground, streams, or landfills. Let’s see how much we can recycle this year!

The automotive dismantling industry is one of the original recyclers and Chuck’s Auto Salvage is celebrating 45 years as a Green Recycled Parts facility. Chucks entire staff has prided itself on being environmentally conscious. During their indoor dismantling process, all fluids including oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, washer fluid, and gasoline are collected for reuse or recycling. Lead batteries, tires and other materials are also removed. After being tested and inspected to meet quality standards, they are offering quality recycled OEM parts as an alternative to new parts with one and five year part warranties.

Green Recycled Parts are Good for the Earth, Good for your Wallet and Good for your Vehicle. Auto Recycling is the ultimate environmental choice. No other product on earth is recycled more than an automobile. Not only does it keep a flood of dangerous toxins from being released into our ground water, it prevents unnecessary use of valuable landfills. Green Recycled Parts reduce the need for new parts to be manufactured, preserving scarce natural resources and cutting down on the resulting pollution.

Go Green and recycle automotive waste properly by bringing any waste oil, antifreeze, lead batteries, and tires (limit 4) to Chuck’s Auto Salvage, 6867 Boyertown Pike (Rt. 562), Douglassville on April 20 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Recycle your battery and benefit Relay for Life.

For more information of our Earth Day Celebration or to schedule a Tour, contact Dee Leech 484-925-1099.