Brandywine Heights second graders participate in March Mathness

Brandywine second graders participate in March Mathness.
Brandywine second graders participate in March Mathness. Submitted photo

Everyone’s heard of the national phenomenon that is March Madness. Well in the small district of Brandywine Heights, Mr. Rhine Strohecker has made a new phenomenon for the second grade class, March Mathness.

This is through the same criteria as March Madness, brackets and all. Every “game day” students get their gear together which includes team colored glasses, bandanas, and finally necklaces. Through all this team spirit good sportsmanship is bound to form.

Eliza Bortz, a second grade student in Mrs. Hess’s class, said, “It doesn’t matter if you win or not, even if you don’t you get to see your friends go through!”

This quote displays not only the excitement for this event, but also the sportsmanship being planted within the hearts of the students.


In order to move on through the brackets the students must complete a page of math problems as quickly and correctly as possible. This eventually will come down to a final two students whom will be placed in the center of an arena of students put into what may be the most fun filled competitive final ever made in a school.

Strohecker tried to do this in his previous school himself last year with just his class although he wanted to do it on a larger scale. This year was his first year at Brandywine Heights and took this opportunity to make this a larger event.

March Mathness continued to occur on the same day as the March Madness basketball games.

“It’s just another way we try to provide a fun learning environment throughout the year,” said Strohecker.