Twin Valley appeals, disagrees with Union allegations of unfair labor practices

The Twin Valley School District has been charged with Union allegations of multiple unfair labor practices, according to the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board. Twin Valley Superintendent states that the district will appeal and strongly disagrees with the Union’s allegations.

An April 5 release from the Pennsylvania State Education Association states that among other conclusions, PLRB Hearing Examiner Jack E. Marino concluded that the District retaliated against employees for their union activity when the District ended a 28-year practice of permitting custodians who worked second shift during the school year to work first shift during the summer.

“The District also failed to bargain the change in shifts with the union and retaliated against the union by changing the union president’s work location to a different building. As a result of these violations, the Hearing Examiner ordered the district to resume the practice of permitting custodians to work first shift during the summer and return the union president to his prior building assignment,” according to the PSEA.

The PSEA release states that Twin Valley School District long maintained it did not retaliate against the employees for their union activity and that it complied with state labor laws.


“The Hearing Examiner disagreed and found the District violated state labor laws,” according to the PSEA.

In an April 6 statement in response to the allegations, Twin Valley School District Superintendent Robert Pleis stated that the Twin Valley School District will appeal the hearing officer’s recommendation and strongly disagrees with the Union’s allegations.

“The District has a 30-year history of resolving conflict with its employees. Generations of families live, learn, and work in the Twin Valley School District because it is a great employer. According to law and common sense, the District has the right to manage its staff,” stated Pleis in his statement. “As educators and stewards of public money, the District must support what is right.”

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