‘Wheels’ on exhibit at Studio B; learn history and future of transportation

Studio B’s Jane Stahl, Director of Community Relations; BCCF’s Heidi Williamson, Vice President For Programs And Initiatives, and Studio B’s Susan Biebuyck, Gallery Director, pictured out front of Studio B, Boyertown.
Studio B’s Jane Stahl, Director of Community Relations; BCCF’s Heidi Williamson, Vice President For Programs And Initiatives, and Studio B’s Susan Biebuyck, Gallery Director, pictured out front of Studio B, Boyertown. Submitted photo

The invention of the wheel is traditionally cited as the hallmark of man’s innovation. In Boyertown, the “wheels” of trains, trolleys, carriages, trucks, bicycles, and cars have played an integral part in its history and continue as a prime form of entertainment as well as a necessity of modern life.

In celebration of “wheels,” Studio B’s art exhibit begins a two-month project funded by a $5,600 grant award from the Boyertown Area Charitable program of Berks County Community Foundation (BCCF).

Studio B Fine Art Gallery, 39A East Philadelphia Avenue in Boyertown, is pleased to announce the opening of “Wheels,” an exhibition of fine art submitted by the area’s fine artists, on Friday, April 20, from 5 to 8 p.m. The exhibit will run through June 3.

“We’re very excited about the art exhibit and the other projects and opportunities for the community’s involvement in our “Wheels” project,” noted Jane Stahl, Studio B Fine Art Gallery’s Director of Community Relations.


The “Wheels” project will include a two-month exhibit of fine art along with coupons for 30 people toward a ride on the Colebrookdale Railroad, free admission to the Museum of Historic Vehicles, a free ride on the Pottstown Carousel, and a caricature by cartoon artist Alan MacBain.

Coupons will be available at Studio B beginning April 21, during Studio B’s regular hours on a first-come, one coupon per venue, per person availability.

In addition, a bike tour will be held on June 24. Three levels of rides will accommodate varying levels of abilities and interest. Details and registration on https://www.bikereg.com/38292 or on Studio B’s website www.studiobbb.org, Facebook page, or by contacting Susan Biebuyck by text 484-332-2757 or email suebie@ptd.net.

The Museum of Historic Vehicles will showcase special exhibits and activities throughout the project. Building a Better Boyertown will hold information sessions about its plans for a bike share program and biking trail. The Boyertown Area Historical Society will offer exhibits featuring the history of transportation in our area. The Boyertown Area Community Library will host activities. Boyertown Area School District art students are invited to create and exhibit “wheels-related” work at Studio B. Vendors retailing in bicycle equipment will be invited to showcase their products and offer workshops on bicycle maintenance and repair.

“In pursuing the grant award, we were encouraged to involve as much of the community as we could,” continued Stahl. “And Sue (Biebuyck, Studio B Fine Art Gallery’s Gallery Director) has had an exhibit featuring trains in order to showcase the Colebrookdale Railroad on her ‘to do’ list for several years, so it seemed the perfect time to mount this exhibit.”

“And of course the suggestion to extend the exhibit into more of the community brought the Museum of Historic Vehicles to mind,” Stahl offered. “That thought gave us cars. The Pottstown Carousel is an attraction at the end of the train ride. Sue and her husband Gavin are bicycle enthusiasts; and so, finding the common thread among these venues naturally gave us ‘wheels’ as the theme and the title of the project,” Stahl explained.

Stahl’s encouragement came from Rich Graver, Chief Lending and Delivery Officer of Victory Bank, Limerick. In June 2017, Stahl and Biebuyck approached Graver regarding possible sponsorship of a Studio B exhibit; Graver suggested applying for a BCCF grant with the added advice of inclusivity--involving as much of the community as possible.

Further details will be forthcoming on the studio’s website www.studiobbb.org or on Studio B on Facebook. Contact Jane Stahl, 610-563-7879, janeEstahl@comcast.net or Susan Biebuyck, 484-332-2757, suebie@ptd.net for details, to discuss donations toward prizes during the exhibit, or future sponsorship of an exhibit.

The project will invite artistic responses and historical information regarding trains, automobiles, carousels, and bicycles through an art exhibit; presentations and discussions of the history of vehicles and the community’s future plans involving them; and tours of present facilities and equipment.

BCCF noted many benefits in its decision to fund the project. Acquainting the community with Boyertown’s history regarding trains and cars will enhance their appreciation for the community.

The Museum of Historic Vehicles is already considered a “best kept secret” in the community and is eager to bring its storied history involving the manufacture of multi-use vehicles.

The Colebrookdale Railroad has achieved acclamations regarding its restoration and involvement in the community including efforts to enhance the community’s economic vitality and preserving its history and culture.

Learning more about Building a Better Boyertown’s visioning plan for a bike share and biking trail will create enthusiasm and support for cycling and enhance the health and well-being of cycling enthusiasts and the general community.

Greater appreciation for art and artists and involvement in art-related activities provides enhanced recreational opportunities.

Boyertown Area School District encourages students and their families to be involved in the community and appreciate its history and many offerings to enhance their knowledge and skills.