Letter: Berks County commissioners must not sell Berks Heim |Jul 23, 2018

I was at the July 19 Berks County Commissioners meeting, where I heard first-hand concerns regarding the timeline for the potential sale of Berks Heim. These concerns are legitimate and timely, as the Commissioners have been clear about their collective willingness to sell off the Heim if certain conditions are met.

Letter to the Editor: House Bill 1745 supports youth in foster care system |Jun 8, 2018

I am writing this letter regarding House Bill 1745, currently in the PA State House Education Committee. This fall I will be joining the Kutztown University freshmen class of 2022. Applying for college was one of the most difficult things I have ever done due to the lack of supports I had as a young person in the foster care system.

LETTER: Time to embrace that we are Pottstown! |Apr 24, 2018

As PDIDA (Pottstown Downtown Improvement District Authority) continues to reach out to our community at large, our first focus group met on March 29, 2018, in the PDIDA Office to discuss the next five years in the downtown district.

Letter: Truck traffic is over the top on Philadelphia Ave. in Boyertown |Apr 5, 2018

I am speaking as a Boyertown community member, retired PE teacher, and advocate for community wellness. I live in a neighboring township in the Boyertown Area School District very close to Route 73, and I am impacted by traffic created by the Delaware County ash trucks which travel along the main road in our community.

Letter: New laws won’t stop criminals from obtaining guns |Mar 19, 2018

For transparency, I am an NRA life member, hunter, father and grandfather. In response to Mr. Tatum’s March 13th article, I feel he has missed the mark. The NRA is made up of like-minded people who are gun owners for various reasons.

opinion: Many new jobs would be created after passing ‘One Tax And Done’ |Feb 9, 2018

In response to recent Mike Zielinski column:

Letter to the Editor: National Defense Authorization Act, if passed, will greatly increase insurance costs for military retirees |Sep 22, 2017

The 2018 defense budget, also known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), if passed, will greatly increase health care insurance (Tricare) costs for military retirees. If this passes, all military personnel currently serving will become subject to these fee increases upon retirement, and those already retired will immediately become subject to the fee increases.

Letter to the Editor: Concerns regarding DEP permitting process for expansion at Kutztown Quarry |Sep 7, 2017

I am once again writing to you with information and concerns regarding the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) permitting process for the expansion at the Kutztown Quarry.

Sound Off with Carol: Community talks about medical marijuana Part 2 |Aug 16, 2017

In the Aug. 1 Tri County Record, we printed “On the Record with Carol: Medical Marijuana, What’s the Real Buzz http://www.berksmontnews.com/general-news/20170727/on-the-record-with-carol-medical-marijuana-whats-the-real-buzz

Letter to the editor: Guatemala, Jan 7-14 |Feb 20, 2017

I have said for years that it is a shame that everyone could not have been exposed to the farming community. I think that adds something special to our character. Similarly, others have suggested that serving in our military would add to their character.

Letter to the Editor: School Property Tax Elimination Bill raises concerns |Jan 27, 2017

Senate Bill 76 – The School Property Tax Elimination Bill, may be introduced as soon as this week. State Senator David Argall, the sponsor of the legislation, has stated that his goal is to have the law passed and implemented as early as July 1.

New Years greeting from Boyertown’s Mayor Deery |Jan 2, 2017

2016 was an exciting and nostalgic year! Boyertown celebrated its 150th birthday with fun and memorable events throughout the year. No snow for the holidays but I am sure 2017 will take care of that!

Letter to the Editor: DEP report does not address many Kutztown Quarry issues |Dec 5, 2016

Dear Editor: I am very disappointed with the response I received from the Department of Environmental Protection regarding the proposed permit revision requested by New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co.

Letter to the Editor: Kutztown Quarry Public Hearing to be held Aug. 10 |Jul 25, 2016

Dear Editor: As a follow-up to your June 16 article about the proposed expansion of the Kutztown Quarry on Hinterleiter Road, I want to inform your readers that the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) District Mining has scheduled a Public Hearing for Wednesday, Aug.

Letter to the Editor: The importance of tractor safety |Jun 2, 2016

Dear Editor: In “Students drive tractors to school, celebrate Kutztown ag” (May 20), I was pleased to see our future farmers featured. Farming is still the lifeblood of many rural communities.

Penn Bernville Elementary: What is your favorite holiday tradition? |Dec 23, 2015

Chaun W.- My favorite holiday tradition is a Christmas Party. We have fun with our family and friends.

Schuylkill Valley Elementary: What is your favorite holiday food? |Dec 23, 2015

Aubrey B.: My favorite holiday food is chocolate cake. It tastes good when my Gigi, Mom, and Dad make it.

Schuylkill Valley Elementary: What is your favorite holiday food? |Dec 23, 2015

“My favorite holiday food is strawberry pie because strawberry is my favorite fruit.” Colby S.

Schuylkill Valley Elementary: What is your favorite holiday food? |Dec 23, 2015

Seth A.- My favorite holiday food is cookies.

Letter: BCL, The year in review and what’s to come in 2016 |Nov 29, 2015

As another year is fast approaching it’s end, I would like to take a moment to look back on an institution that has been a big part of this community for 26 years and counting - the Brandywine Community Library.

Letter to the Editor: The Don Ennis series |Nov 18, 2015

Dear Editor: Regarding your series on Don Ennis...

Letter to the Editor to Boyertown community from ACS staff partner re: ‘Relaying through the rain’ |Jul 15, 2015

To the Boyertown Community: As a staff partner with the American Cancer Society, I have been blessed to work with many communities as they raise money to support local cancer patients and fund cancer research.

An open letter to the Hamburg area from the Wagner-Good VFW Post 216 |Apr 6, 2015

An open letter to our membership, fellow Veterans, and the residents of the Borough of Hamburg from the Wagner-Good VFW Post 216.

Letter: Thank you, for your service |Mar 24, 2015

Hi Jeff, I don’t usually read through the Tri County Record but I am glad I saw your article this week. Very interesting. Vietnam? I was 4 F in 1961 and couldn’t go in the army or Navy (my preference) so by 1965 I was raising a family and only reading about the horrors of Vietnam.

Letter to the Editor: Domestic violence and rape are an epidemic in America |Mar 18, 2015

I would like to add my voice to the recent letter fromT he Women’s Rights Coalition of Southern Chester County regarding domestic violence and rape. Senator Pat Toomey appears to be grossly indifferent to funding programs to protect women from domestic violence and women and girls who have been raped.

Letter to the Editor: Upgrade 222, it is time for PennDOT to be held accountable |Mar 13, 2015

On March 11, PennDOT sent a response to each of the 431 people who participated in the US 222 e-mail campaign calling for a 4-lane, limited access bypass to replace the current 2-lane road between Reading and Allentown.

Letter to the Editor: Stop voting against programs that help people who are in distress |Mar 10, 2015

Dear editor: I’m writing this letter in response to Sen. Toomey’s votes against victims of domestic violence and abuse. He has voted three times to defund programs that protect women from domestic violence, including ones that combat violence against women.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you, volunteers, for your shoveling help |Feb 27, 2015

This winter we have had more snow and ice than in an average year. As senior citizens living on West Main Street of Kutztown, my husband and I appreciate the opportunity to have younger volunteers from Operation Snowflake help us to clear the sidewalk in front of our home and yard.

Letter to the Editor: PennDOT does not feel a bypass is viable solution to safety and capacity issues on US 222 corridor |Feb 20, 2015

Regarding efforts by local advocates on behalf of an expressway option for the Route 222 corridor north of Reading, I wanted to explain some factors.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you for helping our pet live a happy and healthy life |Feb 18, 2015

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, to Dr. Lauren Jones and all the techs and staff at Country Companion Animal Hospital in Morgantown who helped our pet live a happy and healthy life through nine months of treatment for heart disease.

Letter to the Editor: Chester County has opportunities for 2015 |Jan 20, 2015

The citizens of Chester County have a myriad of opportunities as we begin 2015 and close out a successful 2014.

Letter to the Editor: Honey Brook Borough Police chief thanks toy drive donors |Jan 20, 2015

Again I would like to THANK all of the donors to the Police Department’s toy drive this year.

Letter from Fraternal Order of Police: Take time to support men & women in blue |Jan 7, 2015

Dear Editor: January 9 is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and the Fraternal Order of Police, Pennsylvania State Lodge, is asking every Pennsylvanian to take time to support our men and women in blue.

Letter: |Dec 16, 2014

I am a local Morgantown nurse and member of our local American Legion. On Saturday, Dec. 13 I had the pleasure of attending once again “Wreaths Across America” at Fort Indiantown Gap, a national Pennsylvania Veterans Cemetery.

A thank you from the Grange president for supporting Hamburg Grange pot pie dinners |Dec 1, 2014

I want to personally THANK the Hamburg community for supporting the Hamburg Grange’s most recent pot pie dinners. The September dinner was a success! We planned for 300 people and we sold out at 6 p.

Letter from AARP: ‘Maintain good health as you age’ |Aug 30, 2014

Preventative care is the most important thing someone can do to maintain good health as they age. As an AARP volunteer and member, I have had the privilege of being educated on how my insurance can help me prevent illness and avoid being sick.

Letter to the Editor: Support of the Willow Street Project |Aug 22, 2014

Dear Editor, I was encouraged to write this letter in support of the Willow Street development project after reading Nancy Unger’s letter that appeared in the Patriot two weeks ago.

Letter to The Editor: Bicentennial celebration should include an evaluation of well being of our ‘Most Agreeable Town’ |Aug 11, 2014

Dear Editor, As we prepare for the Borough of Kutztown’s bicentennial celebration, we all look forward to celebrating the hard work and commitment of the many men and women who built our town and who nurtured the growth of a self-sufficient family-centered rural community.

Letter to the Editor: Silk Mill Project - Another Point Of View |Aug 11, 2014

Dear Editor, I am very much in favor of the Silk Project that is being proposed for Willow Street in Kutztown.

Letter to the Editor Drugs in schools? Solution: bring God back into classroom |Jun 16, 2014

To whom it may concern: A number of weeks ago, there was an article in the Kutztown Patriot about the drug problem in the Kutztown schools and Brandywine schools. To be brief about my concern, the leaders that spoke about the problem it appears can’t find a solution to end this.

Sound Off: Home-schooling family shares their views |Jun 10, 2014

Well the school year is ending and graduations are in the air. In my last On the Record Column I asked for people to write in about homeschooling, cyber schooling, and private and public schools.

Letter to the Editor: Tri County Record goes too far with book reviewer’s opinions |Jun 2, 2014

Dear Editor; The area covered by the TCR is often referred to as part of the Bible Belt - as indeed, the paper’s content with emphasis on local church events, Focus on the Family and the Church Service Directory illustrate.

Letter to the Editor: ‘Losing Chief Stoltz is a real blow to this community’ |May 29, 2014

Dear Editor, When I moved here the first person I met was Chief Stoltz. Never, ever in my previous residences did the Police Chief do patrols and talk with the people in the community. Losing Chief Stoltz is a real blow to this community and the board of supervisors should be ashamed.

Letter to the Editor: Chief Stolz’s Resignation |May 21, 2014

Dear Editor, I was one who was in attendance at the Caenarvon Township supervisors meeting on May 13. The supervisors surprised most of those in attendance when they opened the meeting, quickly recessed and then came out with the announcement to accept the resignation of Chief Stolz.

Letter to the Editor: Sharing joys of small town life with NYC children |May 19, 2014

Dear Editor; This summer, The Fresh Air fund needs more host families to carry out its great summer time tradition of sharing the joys of country and small town life with children from New York City, picking berries straight from the vine, tasting honeysuckles for the first time or walking barefoot in the grass!

Letter to the Editor: Convictions & experiences of writer should be emphasis of review - not possibly beliefs of reviewer |Mar 13, 2014

Dear Editor, I am submitting a letter in response to a recent Jeffrey Hall book review about the Holocaust.

Letter to the Editor: What ails this nation? |Mar 2, 2014

Dear Editor: I vowed I would never write anything again, but I am so frustrated about what really ails America and its future that I hope to find some relief in doing so.

Letter to the Editor: Employee paycheck protection is needed now |Feb 28, 2014

On Feb. 6, Commissioner Mark Scott and I voted to support Employee Paycheck Protection by passing resolution 41.14. You can read the resolution on the Berks County website homepage www.CountyofBerks.

Letter to the Editor: Cutting the Cost of Living Allowance for military retirees |Jan 27, 2014

Dear Editor; In December 2013, Congress passed and the President signed into law a budget. It passed with overwhelming support in both Houses and by both parties. To save the government 6 billion dollars over the next 10 years, they slashed the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) by 1 percent per year for military retirees younger than 62, including disabled veterans.

Thank you for clearing driveway |Jan 21, 2014

To the editor: Thank you to the doer of good deeds on Grove Road, Elverson. Three times you have cleared my driveway with a huge snow blower. I have no idea who you are, but say daily prayers for your health and happiness.