Daniel Boone tech students bring home awards

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A group from Daniel Boone High School in Technology Student Association (TSA) recently competed in their Regional Competition in Stroudsburg. Students chose to compete in between one and six events. Placement in these events qualifies them to compete at the State competition April 18-21 in Seven Springs, Pa. TSA allows students to explore STEM career opportunities and develop skills in the fields reached by technology ranging from architecture and fashion, to coding and video and game design. We thank the administration and school board for allowing TSA to help these students develop their skill sets.

Following is a list of the students who attended: Eddie Barnett, Trisha Bhatt, Jacob Brendle, Morgan Carothers, Salvatore Chieffo, Andrei Dawinan, Ally Fries, Connor Hartline, Josh Heffner, Mason Jolivette, Jaiden Justiniano, Ashton Kozak, Zach Longin, Olive McArtor, Breana McNamara, Andre Nguyen, Maddy Okkerse, Emily Olafson, Erik Olafson, Tori Pastor, Justin Peifer, Josie Reinhardt, Ben Reno, Ally Santos, Scott Schilling, Jack Sorah, Zoe Sweet and Jãn Vazquez.

Their placements are as follows:

Architectural design 5th Place Morgan Carothers Tori Pastor.


Biotechnology design 3rd place Trisha Bhatt, Eric Olafson, Maddie Okkerse, Josie Reinhardt, Zack Longin.

Biotechnology design 5th Place Morgan Carothers, Tori Pastor, Ally Santos.

Chapter team written test 2nd place Maddy Okkerse.

Debating technological issues 2nd place Zach Longin, Scott Schilling.

Debating technological issues 5th place Emily Olafson, Zoe Sweet.

Digital Video Production 3rd Place Ben Reno, Andre Nguyen, Jack Sorah, Jaiden Justiniano, Salvatore Chieffo, Andrei Dawinan.

Digital Video Production 4th Place Justin Peifer, Jacob Brendle, Eddie Barnett.

Engineering Design 4th Place Salvatore Chieffo, Andre Nguyen , Erik Olafson, Scott Schilling, Jack Sorah, Ben Reno.

Essays on Technology 3rd Place Zoe Sweet.

Essays on Technology 4th Place Ally Santos.

Extemporaneous Speech 3rd Place Zach Longin.

Extemporaneous Speech 4th Place Josh Heffner.

Future Technology Teacher 1st Place Maddy Okkerse.

Future Technology Teacher 2nd Place Zoe Sweet. Future Technology Teacher Breanna McNamara.

Photographic Technology 4th Place Emily Olafson.

Fashion Design and Technology 4th Place Josh Heffner, Josie Reinhardt, Maddy Okkerse, Trisha Bhatt.

Scientific Visualization 2nd place Eddie Barnett, Jacob Brendle, Justin Peifer.

Prepared Presentation 1st Place Breanna Mcnamara.

Promotional Design 1st Place Ally Fries.

Transportation Modeling 3rd Place Ally Santos.

Video Game Design 2nd Place Ally Fries, Olive McArtor.

PA Materials Process 2nd Place Tori Pastor.

Mason Jolivette, Ashton Kozak and Connor Hartline also attended.